We have 8 cider apple varieties certified by the Sidra de Asturias Protected Designation of Origin: Xuanina, Verdialona, ​​De la Riega, Raxao, Durona de Tresali, Regona, Amariega and Madiedo. In addition there are planted other varieties demanded by the cider-making sector as well as the test of varieties that we call experimental for potential future demand.


Fruit of small or medium size of oblong to conical oblong shape, carmine red color with pink streaks and lenticels evident on 75% of the whole surface, yellow or slightly greenish background. Russeting on the peduncular cover that in some fruits extends on one side to the eye socket. Sharp variety.


Fruit of small or medium size, with a globose truncated cone shape, yellowish-green to whitish yellow with brown tones in the most exposed areas, fairly abundant lenticels. Russeting in the vicinity of the eye socket, closed eye and long medium peduncle. Sweet variety

De la Riega

Fruit of medium size or something small of conical oblong shape to conical globulosa and yellow epidermis stained orange brown and pink streaks that cover between 50% to 75% of the surface. Peduncle of medium length and somewhat open eye with partially reflex sepals. Sharp-swet variety.


Fruit of medium size, of round shape with a fairly flattened cone-shaped, striped epidermis of red color, the most exposed zone with orange-brown tones on a green or yellow-green background. Russeting in the peduncular tray, very short or short peduncle and closed eye. Sharp variety.

Durona de Tresali

Medium sized fruit with a globular shape, greenish yellow with orange or brown spots on a surface usually less than a quarter. It presents some marbled russeting, the peduncle of medium length and thickness, a wide and deep eye socket with the eye closed. Sharp variety.


Fruit of medium or small size in situations of production overload, of rounded flattened shape, green or yellow-greenish color with brown tones in the areas most exposed to the sun, abundant small lenticels with white aureole. Shallow peduncular cup, long peduncle and quite wide eye socket with closed eye. Sharp variety.


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Collection Calendar

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