Our commitment to QUALITY addresses both the apple and the customer service. To obtain the highest quality, constant maintenance is required to get the best out of the tree and at the same time monitor the threats that hang around our apple trees throughout the year. Labor safety conditions, mechanization and efficiency are key management and control parameters for us.

First, the APPLE

Year round work activity is aimed at producing the best possible apples. For this we take care first of the land, then the health of the tree and finally the organoleptic characteristics that the apples will give us until the moment of their harvest: sugar, acidity and tannins. We will harvest the apples by variety only at the optimum moment of maturity.


73% of the orchard has a drip irrigation system from which, in an automated and remotely controlled way, we can carry out the entire fertigation program when necessary and in a sectorized way according to the needs of each sector.


To achieve an optimal performance of the tree on a regular basis, the pruning work is fundamental from its first year. In Finca Gallinal we shape-prune in winter and prune the new grown branches in summer.


Finca Gallinal is divided into 18 identified sectors and for each one an exhaustive performance and production control is carried out by row and variety. The client knows exactly which sector the apple he receives comes from.

Single variety deliveries

Each variety has its organoleptic characteristics and brings different attributes to the cider that each cider maker wants to elaborate. In Finca Gallinal we have the possibility of delivering single variety shipments so that the cider maker can press it and ferment it in a tank for its later treatment at the discretion of the cider maker.

Pre-selected apples

Before delivering all picked apples to the vineyard, they will go through a washing area and selection belt to guarantee the highest proportion of apples with the best possible quality. Each delivery will include the proper analysis of the characteristics of the apple available to the customer.

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